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Paranormal investigators all over the world have been brought together for many different reasons. All of our investigators at Tri County Paranormal have experienced some kind of spiritual activity at some point in our lives. We have used these experiences to inspire and motivate us to learn more about the unknown.

As human beings, witnessing something from a spiritual plane strike curiosity in all of us. Founded in 1995, Tri County Paranormal is a family-run group of qualified investigators that are spread throughout Wisconsin & Illinois. Our collective experiences and vast backgrounds allow us to continually grow stronger in our mission.

This group was created to prove or disprove the validity of paranormal activity in everyday environments. Through our endeavors, one investigation at a time, we wish to learn more about the unknown and desire to unlock the mysteries yet to be discovered. With dedication and hard work from our outstanding investigation team, we hope to give peace and comfort to persons living with the fear of the spirits.