TriCounty Paranormal Group

2010 Past Investigations

Private Residence - Eagle, WI

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Eagle Wisconsin
March 12th, 2010

The homeowners are the fifth owners of a majestic stone house that was built in the 1850's close to the Kettle Moraine which includes five acres of land. The original family dates back to the civil war and one of the sons was a soldier in that war. Some of the original furniture remains in the home along with numerous antiques that the current owners acquired. Somewhere on the property, undiscovered as yet, lies a cabin amongst the wooded area. Shortly after purchasing the home they became aware of unusual, maybe paranormal, activity occurring in the home. Undocumented activity includes but is not limited to the following:

This home was on the market for two years and when first walking into the home while it was still for sale, the one homeowner got an overwhelming sense of strong energy that she described as "totally encompassing her body" with the unheard words "what took you so long?". Family members report hearing a music box playing and none such exists in the current home. An apparition of a small girl has been sighted along with a larger shadow of an older female. Apparitions of civil war soldiers have been seen in one of the bedrooms. Banging on certain walls, movements in the attic, and bedding visibly moving in a bedroom have all been witnessed by family members. The owners have several cats and one dog. Two of the cats remain on the upper level of the home and one roams throughout. The dog remains on the main level and does not go up or down stairs. This, to the knowledge of the owners, is not due to the dog being fearful or sensitive to paranormal activity, but only to inability to walk stairways. The dog, however, will repeatedly bark and growl almost daily at 8:00pm while watching the hallway and stairwell going to the upper level.

Investigators on Site:


Equipment Used:

Parabolic Dish audio recorder
4 mini DVR cameras
Digital Voice Recorders
K II meters
Motion Detector
Laser Thermometor
Digital Cameras
Night Vision Video Cameras

Investigation Findings and Personal Experiences:

To start off, it was discovered that some family members periodically used a ouiji board in the attic and had unusual results.

Over 140 evp's were captured in this home with the parabolic dish and voice recorders. About 100 of these were very audible and most were intelligent responses to direct questions. The homeowners came up with their own questions pertinent to their lives inside the home and were able to have some of these questions answered. 

Three of the investigators had been physically touched on separate occasions while in the attic. Later in the evening, Jim and Mike heard movement in the same area of the attic. The family dog did bark, almost like clockwork, around 8:00pm in the same area as always. Mike noticed that his camera bag had been moved from on top of the kitchen table to under one of the chairs sometime during the evening. There was also a time when one of the computer cords became unplugged without anyone being around that area. Several times throughout the evening, the television in the family room would turn on and off by itself.