TriCounty Paranormal Group

2010 Past Investigations

Private Residence - Janesville, WI

Private Residence

Janesville Wisconsin
February 20th, 2010

Homeowners live in a house that is over 100 years old. Numerous paranormal activity was reported to us including but not limited to the following:
Family members have seen apparitions of both a little boy that they now name "Peanut" and an apparition of a woman. Family member's voices have been mimicked. Numerous times the family has heard voices in all areas of the home. Objects have been seen moving. On one occasion a camera, witnessed by three family members, flew off of the microwave. On other occasions, a child's scooter moved by itself across the driveway and clothes hangars in the basement hit the homeowner while walking down the stairs. The family dog appears to be frightened by the unseen entities in the home and refuses to go into the basement. The teenage daughter has had several encounters with the entity they name "Peanut" in the bathroom, usually when she is showering. Both the mother and father have felt that they were followed outside of their home to local establishments.

Equipment Used:

Parabolic Dish audio recorder
4 mini DVR cameras
Digital Voice Recorders
K II meters
Motion Detector
Laser Thermometor
Digital Cameras
Night Vision Video Cameras

Investigation Findings and Personal Experiences:

Over 200 evp's were captured mainly with the parabolic dish. 90 of these evp's were audible and/or intelligent and played back for the homeowners. A definite child's voice was heard along with a couple older males and a female.

There was a lot of equipment malfunction at the home. Throughout the night the mini dvr cameras were jumpy, not focusing, or extremely fuzzy. The motion sensor in the basement kept turning off. Every time one of the investigators went into the basement they had to turn it back on. None of this was proven to be paranormal, only unusual.

While doing a quiet session in the home, sitting on the living room couch and very clearly heard two males talking in the kitchen about 20 feet away. No video was captured.

While several investigators were inside the home, the others were at central command set up in the garage. Family members heard a tapping or knocking noise on the door to the garage. No one was outside.

While setting up a camera in one of the bedrooms, the camera was aimed toward the hallway and doorway of the bedroom across the hall. Since the door to the other room would not stay open on its own, we took a hard bound text book and placed it with the binding on top against the door to hold it open. It was purposely placed as such so it would not open up and fall over. Hours later one member was standing in that same hallway and heard book pages flipping. He then noticed that the book was still holding the door open but was turned with the binding on the floor with the pages facing upward and the book was half open. Interesting due to the fact that when reviewing the audio for the night, the conversation is clearly heard between investigators about the book opening. At the same time an evp was captured of a child's voice that said "I did that".

The homeowners reviewed all of the evp's that were put on disc for them and were amazed at the number of intelligent responses to questions. Several evp's captured were of a residual nature and the one that captured the most attention was that of a male with a very heavy Spanish accent. The homeowners now have a name for the entity they call "Peanut". A very clear evp was captured after asking Peanut "what is your name". 
He answered "Mikey"


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