TriCounty Paranormal Group

2010 Past Investigations

Private Residence - Milwaukee

EVP Session
Private Residence
February 21st, 2010

The homeowner resides in a duplex where a former owner passed away on the lower level. The presence of an older man and that of a young boy has been sensed and shadows have been seen in the home. The former owner was a heavy smoker and on at least one occasion, the smell of cigar smoke was present. A kitchen window has been noticed to have opened or closed on several occasions.


Equipment used:

Parabolic dish audio recorder
K-2 Meter
various crystals


Since the homeowner has been feeling no threat of paranormal activity in the home it was decided to perform an evp session only. A serious of pre-planned questions were asked within a half hour time period. About 25 evp's were captured during this time. Most of the evp's were direct answers to the questions asked. Due to the fact that this was done earlier in the evening there was a lot of activity from the downstairs renters and outside neighborhood noises. This made most of the evp's hard to decipher as not all of the sounds could be filtered out. Definite voices of an older man, younger man, a small boy and a small girl were heard throughout the course of the evp session.


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