TriCounty Paranormal Group

2010 Past Investigations

Private Residence - Milwaukee, WI

Private Residence
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
April 10th, 2010


The homeowner owns a duplex and has complained of footsteps in the upper level while it was vacant of tenants, knocking on their downstairs door, visions of apparitions in the basement, and actual physical contact by poking and/or pulling of hair or clothing.



Equipment used:

Parabolic Dish audio recorder
4 camera DVR
Digital Voice Recorders
K II meters
Motion Detector
Laser Thermometor
Digital Cameras
Night Vision Video Cameras


Investigation Findings and Personal Experiences:


Over 85 EVP's were captured with our parabolic dish on this investigation. Most of the evp's were extremely audible and had an intelligent response. While investigating in the basement, a quick movement of an apparition running up the stairs was witnessed. Shortly after that happened we went upstairs and while in the living room a very loud "bang, bang, bang" was heard. This noise came from the doorway going to the basement. This noise was concurrent with the homeowners hearing the same noise almost nightly.

The homeowners cat died the day prior to the investigation. On audio, more than once, the group caught audio of a cat meowing that night. No other cat resides in that home.  Some of the furniture that is in the home came from a deceased friend of the family.

Is it possible that the family friend is still around?