TriCounty Paranormal Group

2010 Past Investigations

Return to The Villisca Ax Murder House


 May 18 th, 2010

 Villisca, Iowa





                            *****   Over 600 Evps were captured this evening  ****



This house has proven to us as being the most haunted place we encountered after our last visit in August of '09.  On our return visit in May of 2010, the investigation started with doing a brief 40 minute evp session with Johnny Houser during the daytime hours around 4:00pm. We asked Johnny to ask specific questions regarding the home, his home ( which is the former Mary Peckham house ), and his duties maintaining the current house. We did get the closet door in the kids room upstairs to open and close on command. Numerous evp's were captured in answers to our questions. Most of these answers were Class A evp's meaning that they were direct answers to the questions posed.

Throughout our investigation we ran audio for approximately 12 hours. During this time we heard and recorded audible voices from males, females, children, and also unknown sources.
The equipment used ranged from our own special recording devices, personal hand held audio recorders, EMF devices, DVR system, night vision video cameras, digital cameras, 35mm cameras, pendulums and crystals, and various other equipment unique to our group.

Many personal experiences were documented during our stay which included, but is not limited to, the following:

Voices were heard, team members were touched, shadows were seen and also unknown actions were witnessed.

Video and audio evidence confirmed some of these personal experiences. When one member "saw and felt" an entity in the childrens bedroom, an evp captured a voice stating "how does she know I'm here".
Video captured an unusual white mass in the attic. Video also captured a motion activated toy, that the group placed in the upstairs childrens bedroom, that started playing by itself. This toy has to be phyically manipulated in order for it to work. After clearing the house of all investigators to let our equipment work on it's own the toy indeed began to move and sing on it's own.  This was caught on our Dvr system and will be submitted in our findings.

More evidence was captured on our visit but it is too much to list.

We did get answers on evp's as to how many murderers were involved and if the Reverend Kelly did it. We also got answers if Mary Peckham was involved.
So far, our Group, TriCounty Paranormal, holds the answers to these questions through our evp's. We know that these will not be admissable in a court of Law but in the "Paranormal" law, you will be amazed with the answers