TriCounty Paranormal Group

2010 Past Investigations

Private Residence - Mauston,Wis


   Private Residence

   Mauston, Wis

   November  6th. 2010



     It wasn't long after the home owners had moved into this 100 year old home before the activity began.  Footsteps, voices being heard, lights turning on and off by them selves, Candle in the master bedroom was picked up and thrown at the wall turning off the light switch. Family member sitting in the living room watched the shadow of a person walking through the dining room.  The presence of an unseen force is felt mainly in the basement and on the second level.





     Equipment used:


     4 camera DVR system

      Parabolic dish

      Laser thermometers

      Motion sensors

      Emf detsctors

      Paranormal Puck


      2 Hand held mini dvd cams

      Night shot illuminators




     On the second level in the spare bedroom while using the Ovilus we heard the names of past owners of the property as well as the name of the current home owner. While trying to make contact with what was there we had asked for confirmation of thier presence, the door to the room had in deed moved a bit towards the closed position, this was witness by 3 investigators.  When in the basement we did make contact with an entity that walks that floor, using the KII meter as a channeling device proved positive. The questions being asked were answered with the proper lights on the KII lighting as we went.  Feelings of cobwebs on our faces when none were present were felt not only in the basement but on the second level as well.  Shadows were witnessed but not recorded, Evp's were very weak and hard to hear what was being said but clearly none of the investigators that were present.