TriCounty Paranormal Group

2010 Past Investigations

Rhodes Opera House


   Rhodes Opera House

   Kenosha, Wis

   November 20th, 2010




   Rhodes Opera House is better known by locals as "The Rhodes Center for the Arts"   Opened in 1927, the former Lake Theater, and later The Gateway Theater is now home of the Lakeside Players,  a community Theater Group.   The Opera House was a place where people put thier heart and soul into. Whether you were on stage or just worked behind the scenes the energy put forth into a performance was intense and the love for the Arts carry into the afterlife.  Staff, directors, as well as the actors have all had some kind of Paranormal experience at the Rhodes.  A man is witnessed walking through the seats in the audience when the House is empty and the actors are at practive for the show. One seat in the house is always occupied by a man that seems out of place and usually takes his seat during practice, this seat will move on it's own as if someone stood up from the seat.  Lights acting up, footsteps and voices can still be heard while nobody is there.






   Equipment used:

   8 Camera Dvr System

   Parabolic Dish

   5 Hand held night vision cameras

   Night shot illuminators

   Didgital laser thermometers

   Emf detectors

   Ovilus  w/ external audio


    Investigation Findings:


    While investigating in one of the theaters Kasey, Kim, and Natalie witness the seat that moves on it's own move, they were sitting next to it in the same row. ( This was caught on camera) While Allyssa was working the Ovilus this had occurred, all the while different places in the theater were being spoken by the Ovilus.  Jim, Mike and Jessica were investigating theater number one and seen what appeared to be the shadow that people were claiming to see walking back and forth through the seats.  Back behind stage #1  A very strong smell of cigarette smoke was present.  Natalie and James went to investigate but found no one ,the scent had still lingered with out the presence of smoke, then suddenly the smell was gone. Voices were heard by all coming from the back stage when nobody was back there. James and Mike came back downs stairs from the dressing rooms and both seen the shadow of a person standing in the back stage, both got a few snapshots off but were not fast enough to capture it.  The Rhodes is a Great place with a lot of history and I encourage all to enjoy what the Rhodes has to offer.


                                                    **** Case Closed ****