TriCounty Paranormal Group



     Tri-County Paranormal group is a top notch organization!  They have

been to our establishment several times and have conducted themselves

in a very professional manner, they use scientific means to come up with

true answers to the unknown.  The entire team were a pleasure to be

around and were very respectful, I would let them into any location around

knowing they will do a great job!!!!!


                               -Johnny Houser-

                                            Villisca Axe Murder House






             Thank You so much for doing such a great job, your professionalism and knowledge gave us much comfort. We have witnessed quite a few things going on here for more than a year now and  with your instructions we have learned to live with the spirits that share our home. We are no longer afraid to go in the attic, it seems as though they understand us now.


Tri County is welcome back to our home anytime, we truly enjoyed having you!



          My kid's were wondering if they could join your junior member program?     


                                         The Drake Family







                Thank You for all that you and the Team have done in your efforts to comfort our family, we had no idea what it took to do and investigation.  The amount of hours that you have spent on trying to get us some answers must have been exhausting, the voice recordings that you played for us were amazing!  Our feelings of who it might be that we have here were verified and we are truly pleased to know that we are not losing minds.  It's nice to know that family members do come back to check in on us and that there is life on the other side.


        We are looking forward to having the Team over for a cookout this summer.


                                                                             J.M. Sommer Family





 James and Group,


We are so happy with the results of your findings, your reveil was very informative and relieving. We knew that we had some kind of residual activity here but had no idea that there an intelligent spirit here as well. We will continue to talk to our little ghost as presrcibed by you and your team and maybe we can find the little trinkets that have been missing for so long. It was nice to see your professionalism but on the other hand there was a little comedy witnessed that we enjoyed as well.


         You guys are a lot of fun!


                                                                 The Gloven Family,








              I speak for my entire family when I say thank You so very much, we have had a very rough time these last few years with the loss of 2 loved ones and are truly greatful to you and your organization.  I feel that now because of you we finally have some closure, we can talk about things more easily now and feel comfortable doing it.  It's most comforting to know that we can call upon you about anything and know that we will get a straight answer.


                                   Bless you,


                                                     H.  Hemloc & family





     We moved into our old Victorian with great expectations of restoring a grand old home. What we hadn’t expected was sharing our new/old house with spirits who had passed on, but returned every once in a while for a visit, punctuated by unusual and sometimes humorous activity we just couldn’t explain away.  Dumbfounded is a good word for it. We didn’t know who to talk to, or where to turn for answers.

We were lucky, very lucky to find Tri-County Paranormal Group, an organization dedicated to paranormal research and education. Their investigators are personable and respectful people. They are the kind of people you’d pick, if you could hand-pick family members.

The Tri-County Paranormal Group investigation of our house was a delightful experience, and answered many questions. So, who are the spirits in our new/old house? EVPs (electronic voice phenomena) audio clips were recorded during the investigation indicate they are previous owners’ family members who seem to be as curious about us as we are about them.

When we bought this old house we got a bit more than we’d bargained for . . . isn’t that amazing?


                                     Linda Durrant,Scandinavia WI